Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Source: The Sun

Pop beauty Jamelia has lambasted inherently racist English police for continuously harassing her whilst driving her expensive car. A chafed Jamelia took to her twitter to tweet her anger and frustration at her recent stop and search by West Midlands police:

"The police make me f****** sick. The amount of times I've been pulled over for nothing is ridiculous - at least once a month. Racism is alive and kicking.
I was in my car parked up. They said they have reason to believe my tax disc is counterfeit. When I asked them what this 'reason' was, they were stumped.They checked EVERYTHING... including tyre pressure (all legit). They went on to say they don't see how this can be my car! They just saw a black girl in an adidas tracksuit and cap, in an expensive car." 

I empathise greatly with Jamelia as I have been on the receiving end of this poppycock by racial intolerant English police who have nothing better to do than bully young black women. In March of this year, I was stopped in central London for "driving too cautiously" by these cloaked bigots called officers. He said in his opinion people who drive my type of car(  Mercedes A Class) are always uninsured! LMARS!(Laughing My Afro Roots Straight!). What a load of cock and bull nonsense. I advise you all to keep calm when stopped clearly for being black and driving a nice car. It happened to legendary black British boxer Frank Bruno some months back; read it here
Don't let the actions of some MET officers who clearly have a vacuos black hole where their brains should be bring you down. Stay strong Jamelia! The idiots who stopped you are just angry because the second hand version of your car's value is their annual salary!

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